What is consulting
Working in Belgium as .Net Developer

What is consulting?

When you start working for us then you will get a fixed contract with us. We will pay your salary and all your benefits.  We are your employer. Together with you we will search for a Belgium company that is looking for a person with your competencies and which you like to work for. You will work there on a project starting from 3 months till maybe years (if you like it there). 

Consulting has the benefits that you can gain a lot of experiences with not only new technology but also with different corporate cultures. You will meet different ways of handling problems. Work in challenging environments. Learn to know varied businesses. Those are things that you will never encounter when working intern for the same company for years.

Sounds a lot like interim

There are however big differences.

  • You will have a fixed contract. When you are not working for a customer, then you are what we call on the bench. When on the bench you will still get paid and you will use this time to learn. When you are an interim and the contract is finished then you have no salary anymore and you are unemployed.
  • Interim work is most of the times for shorter periods. 
  • You are a employee of a company as a consultant. You are not an employee of an interim agency.
  • For your employer it is crucial that your knowledge remains up to date. Interim agency are not interested in your personal development

And recruiters?

Recruiters are searching for people on behalf of companies. A recruiter is paid by these companies when the company hires a person via the recruiter. So you will not have a contract with the recruiter, but with the company that hires the recruiter. 

Will you be working in detachering?

No. Detachering means that your social security is in a different country, then where you are working. Some companies use this to avoid the high taxes. However, you as worker will have a low social security protection. At Solidify IT you will have the same benefits and social security protection as a Belgium worker.