What we do

Solidify IT is a company located in Brasschaat, near by Antwerp. We specialize in recruiting Dot Net profiles from outside the EU. We are founded in 2019.

Our founders recognized that on one side there is a big demand for Dot Net profiles on the Belgium and EU market and on the other side there a lot of young, highly, qualified persons outside the EU that are searching for a new career inside EU. However, it is not easy to make the connection between both sides. 

It is not only paperwork that has to be done but also some guidance is needed. After all, the person will move to a different country with different habits and culture.  Sometimes the expetation of the person are not realistic or he/she has some wrong ideas about how life is in Belgium. That is where Solidify IT comes into the picture. Based on our personal experience, we help our potential employee with getting realistic expectations.

Solidify IT is qualified for this task because the expertise of our 2 founders has a perfect match that is required to fulfill the goal of our company : building bridges between Belgium companies and foreign Dot Net profiles. 

The founder, Benny Emmers, has 25 years experiences in software development, most of the time as a consultant, while Larisa Boldareva knows everything about the differences between Western Europe and other country's mentality. She is also specialized in al the paperwork that has to be done to makse sure that the candidate can start working legal in Belgium.

To make our clients happy we have to make sure that our employees are happy. This can only be achieved when our potential employee does not have to worry about all the paperwork and that he/she is aware what she can expect in Belgium. We also listen to our employees to be sure that they are being challenged in their work and that they are happy at their workplace. We also place the education of our employees at our highest attention.

Our employees have the same rights and social security protection as any other employee that works for a Belgium company.

Working in Belgium as .Net Developer